Eftsith.com is currently parked on the OpenRTS project page. This is a WIP!

The OpenRTS project has been recreated as per user request. It currently contains no code and is only a container for the project until I get consent from the original team to update the project to its current version.

As you may be aware, the original OpenRTS project repo had been deleted by someone acting in bad faith. The rest of the original team has decided, perhaps respectibly, to cease working on the project as a result of this event. I am the only member of the original team to be comfortable contuining this project and have decided to recreate the repo with the intention of publishing the project up to its deletion point.

Due to life events, COVID, and the team otherwise being disposed, I am waiting until eveybody has moved past recent events before reuploading the project proper.

If you’re here for BFME Launcher support, please join our Discord instead as I cannot put the BFME Launcher source code on Git until the respective patch developers give permission to host their patches in the project.